Okay, so this entry won’t be much of a dish-by-dish review, and you’ll understand why in a second.

Tracy planned a wonderful dinner at Alta for Truman’s birthday. Happy birthday Tru!

Their menu is really more like a phonebook listing of small plates, from foie gras crostinis to truffle foam gnocchi, at anywhere from $5 to $15 a piece. It would have taken us hours to decide, that’s why the full-menu option at the bottom came in so handy, and as we later found out, so incredibly filling.

The option gives you one of every item on the menu for a total of $420. We did the math – ordering it all individually would cost you about $475. The restaurant recommends this for a party of 9 or more, but honestly even with ten, we all got a bit nauseatingly full by the three-quarter mark.

And that’s how you’ll see it as plate after plate emerges from the kitchen. Here’s a quick run-down.

First comes the lighter stuff – green bean salad, roasted nuts, tuna tartare. As you enter the core of the meal, you’ll get a tremendous variety of hot finger foods like truffle creme puffs, bacon-wrapped dates, marscapone dip, fried calamari, and the list goes on.

There will be  halftime plate and utensil refresher, and then get ready for the serious stuff. Make sure not to front load your gorging, even though each dish comes out to the likes of a quarter of a lamb meatball or a spoonful of shrimp risotto. You’ll start feeling full without even realizing it, and miss out on the latter-end plates – mushroom flatbread, seared swordfish, squid ink paella, braised short ribs, skirt steak, and on and on and on.

So that’s the experience, but it wouldn’t be the same without a photo montage of the night’s culinary journey.

*Personal Favorites*
Shrimp Risotto
with cherry tomato confit, fines herbes, smoked shrimp bouillon
Seared Foie Gras on pan toasted brioche, mango ginger chutney, persian pistachios & bee pollen
Black Truffle Gnocchi in Brown Butter with pea coulis, foie gras emulsion, green peppercorn

*Items to Skip*
Tuna Tartare hearts of palm, chorizo, macadamia nuts
Grilled Stuffed Grape Leaves with chicken confit & jasmine rice, lebne & grape molasses sauce


2 thoughts on “Alta

    • T! we just got a chocolate souffle type thing for tru, which was pretty good…although we were all pretty in a food trance by then

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