Terrace 5

If you’re one for feeding culinary and artistic cravings at once, while getting a dose of intense air conditioning against the sweltering city heat, Terrace 5 is the perfect summer spot for you.

Check if the company you work for is a corporate sponsor at the Museum of Modern Art, and if so, you’ll likely get free admissions. Even at its busiest (and the traffic gets pretty heavy these summer weekends), the halls and exhibits are spacious with a whole spectrum of modern art to test even the most creative minds.

By the time you reach the fifth level, there’s no doubt you’ll be craving something for your culinary palette. And even though the flavors are subtle, every item is simple, crisp and beautifully presented.

I had the chilled pea puree with mint and a dollop of sour cream on top. The texture was silky smooth and unbelievably refreshing on a hot summer day. The hint of mint made the dish just that much better, leaving not a single note of heavy aftertaste.

Jay and I both got the vermicelli noodle salad as our main course. It has a perfect ting on Thai chili spice mixed into a beautiful blend of vermicelli noodles  and roasted chicken – all topped with ripe avocado, citrusy grapefruit, and peanut crumbles. Each component is subtle, but worked so greatly together.

So far so great! And the pistachio ice cream rounded it out really nicely. Some pistachio ice creams can have that blatant artificial sweetness to them, but this one seemed really simple and natural.

From there, you’ll definitely be refueled to wander the rest of the museum…or if you succumb to one of their massive sundaes, head home for an afternoon nap.


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