Josie’s East

So Jay and I completed our move up to 38th Street a couple months ago. We’re loving the new neighborhood, but needed to find a new go-to brunch spot. And it’s too bad Josie’s East won’t be that place.

We were hopeful when we saw Josie’s on 3rd Avenue, just a block away from the apartment, but came out a bit disappointed. The decor was bright and welcoming, but soon found it pretty generic…almost too commercialized.

The menu offers what you’d expect of any American brunch/lunch venue, but without its own personality.

I had the salmon eggs benedict — my default brunch dish, with many under my belt throughout city. There was a decent portion of salmon on each of the toasted English muffins, but the avocados slices still needed some time to ripen and the light pesto hollandaise didn’t do much in terms of flavor.  This is all pretty forgivable, but then there were the eggs — seriously overcooked, almost like hard-boiled but in poach form.

Jay was neutral with his steak and eggs. The meat wasn’t particularly fresh, and eggs over easy are pretty difficult to mess up.

I will give them points for their smoothies though, which you can make skim and with fruit of your choice. I had strawberry and Jay mango, both fresh, icy, and thick.

This is definitely any easy place to drop by if you’re in the area, but maybe opt for one of these smoothies to go and venture elsewhere if you’re in the mood for something more unique.


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