As many of you know, I’m not a very big fan of curry – Thai, Indian, Japanese, whatever kind it is, I’ve just never grew to appreciate the intensely herbal gooey concoction. But this cute little eatery set brightly against timid 10th Street in the East Village has come the closest to changing my mind.

Across the street from Chikalicious and next door to Rai Rai Ken, it’s easy to miss Curry-Ya’s modest storefront. But unlike most authentic curry houses, the interior caught me by surprise with its modern, pristine decor.

With no more than a 20-some bar stools, the spotless glass windows, glossy countertop, bright place settings, just the overall spick and span design made you feel right at home and ready for some curry warmth.

On the menu, you’ll find traditional Japanese curry along with some special twists.

While Jay went for his usual fried pork cutlet, I ventured a little outside the box and tried the daily special – cheeseburger curry. And you can definitely taste that cheeseburger! I full-fledged hamburger patty sits stewing in the steaming curry. On top, shredded cheese melts slowly, gradually sinking into the thick broth.

The cheese really makes the different here, as the patty breaks up into smaller chunks, blending into the curry textured almost like Mexican chili. And with a little bit of rice in each bite, it’s actually not bad (this coming from a curry adversary).

Jay, by now a pork cutlet aficionado, loved his own curry set. The only downside is the size – a petite individual-size pot of curry with a slab of crispy pork and mound of rice. Although each component was delectably fresh, a guy like Jay could really use a super-sized version of it.

But now that I’ve found a curry spot I can handle, 10th Street is slowly becoming one of my favorite blocks in the city.

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