Jay and I just finished our move! But one thing I’ll be missing is how conveniently close we were to Curry Hill – Dhaba in particular.

We didn’t really start tapping into this nearby treasure-filled neighborhood until the end of our stay because Jay claimed he wasn’t a fan of Indian food. That was until I made him try Dhaba. After that, we’d order take out every few weeks, and finally amid the mess of our moving boxes, decided to dine there.

The decor is so beautifully vibrant with bright colors and glittering beads. And from the time we entered to the moment we left, every table was occupied in addition to the bustling scene at the tiny bar in the back.

Among all the wonderful aromas and flavors, I’d have to say the naan, chili chicken, and my cocktail rose above the rest.

My gin spritzer with blood orange infusion was the perfect balance of citrus and sweetness. And the prosecco and frothy topping made it incredibly refreshing, especially against the heavily savory entrees.

Aside from my cocktail, they also have a plethora of unique drinks and beers.

As major corn fans, Jay and I ordered the sweet corn soup starter to share. This isn’t an appetizer found on many traditional Indian menus. The flavors are particularly Indian either. But nonetheless, the tinge of sweetness with the kernels and scallions is a great way to start off the meal.

On to the main entrees, we decided to try a chicken and a lamb. The Dhaba chili chicken came highly recommended and turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. Both were great with our side of chili onion and garlic naan. The chili onion has this airy trace of spiciness that hits you for a second after a few moments of biting into it. This pairs incredibly well with the juicy chili chicken.

The lamb mirchwala has just a hint of gaminess, so you might have to be in the mood for lamb to enjoy this dish. Still, the thick onion tomato sauce is delicious and more authentic than anything you can find at say, Baluchi’s. The garlic, garam masala, and green chilies will make you think is this the only way lamb should be cooked.

While there are obviously plenty of restaurants to choose from in Curry Hill, Dhaba’s trifecta of vibrant energy, scrumptious drinks, and solid food gives it a leg up on the competition.

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