ChikaLicious Dessert Club

Sometimes simplicity is the name of the game. Unlike the complex flavors and textures of Momofuku Dessert Bar down the block, the ChikaLicious Dessert Bar offers a very basic variety of good old classic sweets with an elegant contemporary touch.

A big fan of affogatos, Jay went for the Espresso Ice Shot – a shot of steaming espresso poured over vanilla bean soft serve with chocolate pearl sprinkles. For five bucks, Jay said it was the best affogato he’d ever had, which is big coming from him. But indeed it was delicious, both essentially traditional and creatively modern. The vanilla and coffee form a solid foundation with a clever twist from the pearls of crunchy, tic-tac-textured chocolate.

Their cupcake showcase was irresistible as well. I had to try one. Believe me, it was so hard to choose out of all the flavors, but in the end thought the black and white would be most universal. The glossy white “frosting” is fluffy like melted marshmallows in a s’more.

It’s nice since the airy topping isn’t like most nauseatingly saccharine frostings out there. In fact, the moist chocolate cake was sweeter and definitely baked fresh. Next on my list – toast almond and caramel!

In addition to this scrumptious cupcake, I had a little vanilla bean soft serve in a cone on the side. This is the same vanilla bean in Jay’s affogato. And just to reiterate, this is genuinely fantastic soft serve. Nothing artificial. No sign of them trying to hard. Just plain old bona fide vanilla bean made deliciously frosty.

Like I said, we’ll definitely be back, especially when even the hard-to-satisfy Jay enjoyed it. The East Village dessert scene is actually rife with ice cream selections as summertime approaches. The Van Leeuwen ice cream truck was parked right around the corner last night. 16 Handles and Momofuku Dessert Bar sandwich this place on each end of the street.

But for something simple and delicious, stick with this tiny no huss no fuss dessert bar. There are plenty of delectable choices, but at the same time clean and straightforward. This will be the go-to post-dinner East Village spot!


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