Out of Town: Eos in Miami, Florida

Two lazy mornings at the Viceroy, two scrumptious breakfasts at its award-winning Mediterranean restaurant – Eos.

The first morning, Jay and I both opted for eggs before a full day of tanning. I had my usual poached eggs benedict. Here, the whites were very lightly seasoned instead of the heavy hollandaise and laid over paper-thin slices of prosciutto. The eggs were decently prepared – not too runny, not too tough – but still don’t compare to New York’s Telepan.

The surprising element on this plate was the home fries! The baked edges were deliciously crispy. And there was a bit of spice in addition to the peppery seasoning that hits after the first couple bites.

Together, the feisty potatoes and delicate eggs were a perfect pairing.

Jay had the American Breakfast – two eggs over easy, potato a la plancha, toast, with a side of bacon. It was a pretty standard entree, but every component done with care. Again, the potato a la plancha (home fries) were great with the kick of spiciness.

The bacon was thick, crunchy, and not perspiring with grease. While it was pretty salty, this really complemented the rest of the most subtle flavors.

The next morning, in an effort to diversify the palate, I decided to try the buttermilk pancakes with caramelized apple, spiced candied walnuts, rum macerated raisins, and rum zabaglione. On first cut, the top pancake was fluffy and not overly soaked in zabaglione foam. But deeper in, the flapjacks got a bit doughy and uncomfortably saturated in the syrupy apples and sauce. This questionable foundation made is so even the great chunky apple and candied walnut flavors couldn’t play their roles in highlighting this dish.

Jay stuck with eggs, but this time the three-egg mushroom frittata. It came out in a sizzling cast iron pan. The top layer was a beautiful crisped, browned shell pierced through by two crostinis. Right underneath, a juicy bed of fluffy baked eggs with slices of mushroom and hints of melted cheese swimming within. The overall look and texture of the battered eggs came out of the oven a lot like the wavy edges of kale leaves. Taste-wise and visually, a pretty refined dish.

Beyond all these tasty entrees, I really feel in love with the interior decorating at Eos – throughout all of Viceroy for that matter. Somehow, the plush lime green booths, brown geometric wallpaper, golden lamps, pristine statuettes formed a cohesive Greek-Miami theme. The vibrant colors and mod patterns never clashed, instead creating this unique exotic aura that’s true to this city.

Together with the food, Eos  (and the Viceroy overall) is a real unparalleled Miami experience.

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