Out of Town: Cafe Icon in Miami, Florida

Jay and I took an early morning flight out of LaGuardia for a nice little weekend trip to Miami. We landed bright and early with some time to spare before our room at the Viceroy was ready. So we lounged around on their 15th floor pool deck overseeing Biscayne Bay with breakfast from Cafe Icon.

Maybe it was because it was early Friday, maybe it was Mother’s Day, maybe it was the economy, but the scene was strangely serene – and we loved it. A couple sunbathers casually trickled in and out, but the entire deck – the longest infinity pool in South Miami, the largest jacuzzi I had ever seen, and a clear blue reflecting pool – was basically ours for the taking and echoed with each clink of our silverware.

The Viceroy consists of 14 floors as part of the resort, a rooftop club, the aforementioned deck and spa, and two residential towers. Amid the tranquility, you could hear drills and hammering off in the distance as they finished construction on these beautiful (but empty) condos.

Anxious to get out there and explore, we ordered a quick breakfast.

I had a latte and Greek yogurt with granola and fresh berries. First off, the coffee was great. The steamed skim milk was done notably thoroughly and gave the latte a thick, frothy texture. The yogurt was creamy as well, but paired nicely with the crunchy bits of toasted granola and tangy blackberries, raspberries, strawberries , and blueberries. It may have simply been because we were on vacation, but I swear all the fruit down there is just juicier and plumper.

Jay went for the breakfast burrito – scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa in a toasted wheat tortilla. It was a bit small for him, but that’s what all serving sizes should be when you’re getting ready for a day in the sun. Each ingredient was really fresh and the eggs made fluffy. The salsa added a nice kick to the otherwise mild-flavored wrap.

A little fruit, a little dairy, a little starch and our usual morning caffeine, we were ready for our weekend. And with gigantic two-bedroom condos on the water going for under $400,000, even got us thinking about a vacation home?

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