Pop Burger

After a sweltering day at Central Park, Jay and I stopped by Pop Burger for a quick bite. It probably wasn’t the best idea with all the heat and humidity, but I remembered the Meatpacking location being pretty satisfying.

But upon seeing our order, I realized that recollection was probably based off a bit of an inebriated state. The midtown location was trying to meld some of that Meatpacking trendiness with more uptown sophistication – something that isn’t very easy to pull off, especially when it comes to food.

It is right around the corner from Bergdorf Goodman and the Apple Store, but attracted neither of those crowds. Instead it piqued the interest of mostly younger folks and family tourists. Many came in, took a peek at the menu and left. And while it may be a nice little pit-stop for fries and a shake, there are far too many options around the area to settle for this fancy marketing ploy.

Jay had the Pop burgers – two slider sized hamburgers with cheese, wilted lettuce and a sliver of soggy tomato. The patty was overcooked and, as you can see behind the counter, mass produced. Packaged together in a little carton, it reminded me of White Castle burgers, but blander. If you’re going to go for the fast food feel, you might as well give it all the deliciously unhealthy flavors that goes with it.

The fries and my black and white milkshake were undeniably great, but when are french fries and shakes ever bad?

My Gobble Gobble – two turkey sliders – were on the bland side as well. The patty was just a little juicier, but definitely needed ketchup to spice it up. And together, we walked away from the meal strangely full but unsatisfied – probably the worst combination on a hot summer day.


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