Hundred Acres

It’s the most un-Soho of Soho brunches. On the west side of this bustling district along MacDougal Street, you’ll find tree-shaded alleys and rustic storefronts. One of these opens up to the world of Hundred Acres. Inside, the clean, pristine contemporary design is airy and spacious, taking you away from the crowded city while you’re there.

The open sidewalk seating, the intimate backyard conservatory feed in the perfect degree of natural sunlight for a warm brunching experience.

Since Jay and I both went with savory orders, we thought we’d give the chocolate dipping donuts a shot. These are serious throwback donuts – densely fried dough with crispy vanilla icing. The thick chocolate dipping sauce may be overload, but boy was it good. The tough part was deciding between this and the side of smoked bacon, since both would’ve made us gluts.

Jay had the special of the day – slabs of pan-friend pork belly topped with two sunny side eggs. For $15, this was a real hearty serving of juicy breakfast meat, rich with flavor and succulent with every bite. With mashed potatoes and arugula greens to the side, the full spectrum of light to heavy makes it a dish that’ll fulfill any guy at brunch.

I had what was probably my favorite set of poached eggs in a while. The roasted jalapeno grits was a huge plus to this dish. Spicy with real bits of jalapeno infused in the gooey grits added a really unique flavor to the finely poached eggs.

In between were two homemade sausage patties, adding even more burst to the already punchy entree. The gravy is light. The shoestring onion rings fresh and crunchy. Overall, this was a perfect plate of complementary colors, textures, flavors…everything.

All this, plus the price tag earns Hundred Acres a spot in my must-return category.


3 thoughts on “Hundred Acres

    • Thanks KC! Thanks Derr! 7 buckaroos – the entrees are priced really low for what you get on your plate, so these donuts were probably the worst in terms of value but delicious nonetheless

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