Udon West

Udon West has been a long time St. Marks favorite for me and Jay. It may not be as exotic or hyped up as some of the other shops on the block, but it’s the simplicity and authenticity that makes this place worthy of many return visits.

I think their combination platters are the best deals on the menu. For $12 to $13 you get a full bowl of udon noodle soup and a plate of curry, sushi, tempura, or katsu. At their sizes, you’re basically getting two meals in one.

Jay usually goes for the curry. Sticky rice and thick spicy curry with a dash of red pickled radish, this plate alone is hefty enough to leave you with a food coma. But then you have the full bowl of udon soup to go. The contrast between the spice and rice against the more subtle broth and noodles is always comforting, together giving you a really cozy feel on a chilly day. For something a little lighter, I usually go for the minced onions and spicy tuna topped over rice. It’s really fresh sashimi that might be more appropriate with this warmer weather.

Its unassuming storefront sometimes leaves Udon West under the radar against the likes of Kenka’s, Oh Taisho, and even bon chon. But if you’re ever in the mood for simple delicious food without the flair, check this place out for a pleasant meal and even some entertainment. Its bar stool seating allows patrons to witness how it’s all done behind the scenes. The one waitress and two-man operation is fascinating to watch, and may even help you appreciate every dish even more.

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