Out of Town: The Metropolitan at The Borgata, Atlantic City

Jay’s philosophy on AC eating is that one should never have to pay, well at least not at one of their more casual dining establishments.

And that’s how Kev, Jay and I started off the trip, with a pit-stop at The Metropolitan to butter the guys up for a day at the tables. And as expected, it wasn’t exactly pretty – the gambling I mean.

I wonder when they’ll grow out of it, but anyway, about the food.

We shared a trio of sliders to start. The patties were a little overdone, but the bread fresh and fluffy. The size is perfect for anyone just looking for a little mid-play bite.

Then, I had my usual Southwest salad. Considering how much of a twilight zone the Borgata can get at times, this is really a great wake up call. The romaine lettuce is watery and crisp, and each component of the colorful array of toppings freshly chopped.  These diced cucumbers, corn, black beans, and tomatoes really snap you out of that over-oxidized casino trance.

The Metropolitan is one of the relatively less expensive Borgata restaurants. It’s casual, with a French bistro vibe. Spacious and filled with tables, booths, and bar seating, it’s even a nice place to do a little writing and snacking in case your party for some inexplicable reason gets caught up beyond the 9 pm, 11 pm…2 am deadline.

Its softer, golden aura is a figurative breath of fresh air. And while the monetary rollercoaster of gains and losses might be painful to bear, the group can at least pretend there’s such thing as a free lunch while we’re here.


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