Who said sushi has to be served cold? The cozy house of Satsko just south of Houston on Eldridge provides a simple, clean cut menu that makes raw fish a culinary comfort on any chilly Winter night.

Jay and I grabbed a quick bite at this snug little sushi joint on Friday. And this place reminded me that, although not the center of attention, the quality of rice in maki rolls is pivotal to the overall experience. Warm and fluffy, this stuffing sidekick accents the fresh eel, avocado, tuna, and salmon all rolled up in one. Among the Eldridge specialty, spicy tuna, and salmon rolls, the dragon maki was my favorite. Warmly grilled eel with avocado and a hint of jalapeno, the roll was fulfilling with an extra subtle kick.

But to start, the crispy calamari might be a nice way to kick things off. While the fritters themselves may not be anything extraordinary, the lime infused mayo sauce gives the appetizer a personal touch.

I was also a big fan of the sweet moscato wine, which paired perfectly with the warm maki rolls.

And as it approaches 9 pm, the light will dim, as the shop transforms from a cozy eatery, in preparation for the nightly sake bombers. Warm disco lights begin floating across the exposed-brick walls and mainstream tunes are cranked up just a little higher. So if you’re looking for something outside of St. Marks, that’s just a little more intimate, check out the Satsko on Eldridge for a soothing sushi session.


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