Bouchon Bakery

One bright Saturday afternoon, I let myself procrastinate with the 48 pending items on my to-do list and just soak in the faux sun beaming through the glass front of Columbus Circle’s Time Warner Center. So on the third floor, overlooking the shopping grounds grand foyer, we drank a little coffee, had a couple sandwiches, and picked at a crepe-cake confection at Bouchon Bakerry.

The cordoned off seating area is pretty small, so naturally there’s a little waiting that goes with the brunch. But not to fear, so much shopping is near! Fine, maybe not the highest caliber shopping, but good enough to distract you for the time being. J Crew and Solstice to the right, AX to the left. For the guys – the “Samsung Experience” store across the floor.

So before we knew it, it was time to eat!

The food itself was all right. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely Keller-quality with that creative core. The presentation was clean and simple, the taste subtle and constructed with care. I just think with all the competition out there, the merits arise more from its vibrant scene and world-renowned backer.

So first came the hot chocolate. So so so rich, but you could tell melted from real chunks of chocolate. I had the roasted butternut squash grilled sandwich. Here the soft slices of squash were so tender it seemed to melt into the toasted bread. The downside was that in this state, its flavor seems to have escaped, making the cheese and rye the dominating taste.

Jay had the reuben with wagyu beef brisket, cheddar cheese, sauerkraut and russian dressing on rye. While the flavors here were more distinct than the butternut, it was still light, almost restrained in strange contrast to its sheer size.

Nevertheless, the quality is superb and worth the trip.

And of course, there’s the crepe cake – sheets of cake layered in green tea mix and a side of authentic pistachio ice cream. The dish was delicate and as with the sandwiches, subtle in taste, but this time, appropriately so.

The overall vibe is just very relaxing, and will probably be even more so with the impending Springtime weather! This’ll be the ideal spot for a quick therapeutic bite.

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