Luke’s Lobster

So apparently, by law, I need to disclaim: My lobster schooner was free. This was thanks to Luke and Ben on Twitter! They are so interactive and friendly via their tweets and anyone who enjoys good food in the city should be following them (@LukesLobster) for their latest events, promos and fun Maine facts.

But pay or not, these seafood rolls are to die for. Try finding another on this island that jam packs as much real, fresh lobster, shrimp, or crab into each buttery toasted rolls. The schooner meal comes with a Maine root beverage, bag of Miss Vickie’s chips, crunchy pickle and one of these babies overflowing with unadulterated, freshly poached seafood.

The resulting taste is not your typical heavy, mayo-based rolls. It’s all about the seafood here – generously stuffed, hardy, and subtly sweet – as all seafood should be. I had the lobster, incredibly plump and succulent. Jay had the crab, shredded into luscious clusters oozing with flavor.

The Maine shrimp and corn chowder was equally satisfying, especially on that snowy night. Not too salty nor overly creamy, this was real seafood soup, with serious chunks of fresh shrimp and corn kernels that sank to the bottom of the bowl.

For anyone in the mood for an authentic seafood meal, these schooners are the perfect pick-me-up! Whether you stick around and enjoy their plank-set, nautical theme or take ’em to go, it’ll always be one of our East Village favorites.

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2 thoughts on “Luke’s Lobster

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I feel like we’re the same person. And I LOVE your map, I’m hoping to do something sort of like that myself! Keep up the good work, don’t you looove living in NYC? We are so lucky! 🙂

    • Hi City Mitten =) Thanks so much! The map’s a work in progress, so hopefully I’ll have all the regions laid out by the end of the month. But if you ever have any suggestions on places, definitely drop a line!

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