Friend of a Farmer

…or rather friend of a mercenary and slave to the institution. I had frequented this local eatery as a college student and always had a vaguely nice impression of it. So upon my first post-college visit, I was so disappointed to find this former gem completely commercialized.

It’s a classic case of herd mentality. After a short stint on, I have a hunch it fared much better with a hoard of eager eaters out in front to pique curiosity. Sure the interior decor hasn’t lost its rustic charm or cozy cabin feel, but its supposedly local farm-grown meals no longer back up the hype.

We waited in the cold because I was determined to get some of their pumpkin pancakes. And thanks to Jay, we jumped on a table for two after no more than 10 minutes in line. The hostess was very pleasant and you can’t help but ogle at its enchanting decor, but don’t let it fool you.

At $4.oo a pop, Jay’s “freshly-squeezed” orange juice and my apple cider came out in pint-sized glasses. Fine. Maybe this was just quality over quantity. But then came the food.

I had the Boomer Special at a whopping $15.00 – for a mix of savory and sweet – that came with pumpkin pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. So disappointing. I hate to say it, but the Denny’s Grand Slam is more worth your while. Their play on buzz words like “fresh,” “market,” “local farming,” failed to show up on the plate. The silver dollar-sized pancakes lacked any sort of pumpkin taste at all. Not only that, but it was undercooked on the inside and overdone on the outside. The bacon was definitely reheated in the microwave. The scrambled eggs had hardened, turning into a deep orangy color, by the time it got to me.

Jay ordered the Rose Club. Nothing extraordinary, but worse, the grilled chicken was dry, the bread crumbling with each bite, the cheddar crusted onto the chicken. While they may not be known for their sandwiches, the promise of fresh ingredients was not met. And especially when you have options like The House just two block south, why get suckered into a reputation no longer justified.

I can’t be sure when this transformation took place, but it’s a sad loss in the Irving culinary family.

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2 thoughts on “Friend of a Farmer

  1. ahh it’s a shame. i had a feeling though – that was where i fell b/c the rickety chair leg folded inwards. bad karma!

    • Oh boy, that’s what they get then! =) but yeah, I was disappointed especially because I had such a great impression from our college days. But if you’re in the area, definitely give The House a shot!

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