Fatty Crab

As you can tell, I’m going out of order here. It’s been a busy month!

But how could I skip writing up about this momentous meal. Steve, Jay, and I had our last supper with Tina the night before she flew out to Switzerland. And what better way than to get down and dirty with the endless Fatty Crab Monday night special.

We vouched for the Upper West Side location, it being slightly bigger than it’s Meatpacking site and easier for all of us to reach. There wasn’t much debate at the table since The Fatty Crab, as its name would suggest, is exactly what they’re known for. So we got to work.

Armed with a glass of beer and your choice of sides (go with the coconut rice), each bowl comes with three solid pieces of toast and two hefty Dungeness crab halves. What makes this dish so enticingly special is the chili sauce.  Oh if I could replicate, I would buy loads and loads of crabs myself and make this every night.

And we were off! A little egg timer was set on the table counting down our 60 minutes as soon as the first bowl hit the tabletop. Entranced under wacky Jay-Z techno remixes within their shadowy setup, we gorged 11 bowls within our allotted one-hour “all you can eat” deal. Okay well, the guys eight and girls three.

At $39 bucks per person – the it requires full party participation – it may seem a bit steep, and it got tough at the end, but I think we got our money’s worth! So be sure to go hungry and get ready to crack away at these luscious creatures drowning in the most delicious sweet and spicy sauce you’ll find on seafood boils. Oh and don’t wear white.

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