Village Tart

I had been waiting for this day for a while now – Village Tart’s first day of brunch! And luckily, through AmyBlogsChow, I started following them on Twitter.

I woke up a little after 9:00 Saturday morning and low and behold at 9:15 am I saw:

I managed to drag Jay out of bed by 10:00 and out the door by 10:30.

A wave of warm, pastry aromas hit us as soon as we entered this world of delectable “sweet and savory” baked goods. I lingered for a moment as their impeccable showcase of tarts, quiches, croissants, and cakes tantalized the notion of skipping the all-important weekend brunch. But I managed to refocus, which wasn’t difficult upon just a glance at their enchantingly simple yet singular menu.

Jay put it best – it’s like Sweetiepie, but for adults. More sophisticated. More settled.

A mosaic of antique mirrors lined the off-white wall that housed a petite fireplace. Plush pin-cushioned benches encircled the seating area exhaling a sigh of Victorian elegance.  Intricately laid-out tiles in the bakery display foyer exuded a French bistro feel on a lethargic sunny morning.

But to the point! First and foremost – the coffee is fantastic. Jay’s house in a french press and my skim latte were both of the highest quality – very notable in a day and age when we’re finding so many restaurants okay with sending out burnt and over-brewed blends. And as an added bonus, each mug came with a little piece of Valrhona chocolate.

To start, we couldn’t avoid the mocha coffee cake. Subtly spiced, the spongy yet velvety slice was a great sweet starter to the meal.

Jay had the bowl of shirred eggs with a side of candied bacon. I’m not really sure what could get better than this. Thick, hardy chunks of tenderly smoked and fried bacon. A crispy outer layer of candied goodness coated these succulent slabs, and even Jay on his current health binge, couldn’t resist inhaling them.

I had my own demolishing session with my order of the almond brioche french toast. One marvelous block of toast, covered with powered sugar and a dollop of sour cream. Why haven’t I seen this before? The sour cream is the perfect complement to the thin layer of fruity jam baked within, outer coating of powdered sugar, and strewn chucks of almond.

The servings may not seem like a generous amount, but there’s something to appreciate in each and every bite. You definitely won’t walk away craving anything else. I’ve already heard rave reviews about their dinner items and I can’t believe I didn’t order one of each of their pastries, so expect more from me on this wonderful neighborhood gem.

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