The House

Jay and I started off the long weekend with a quick visit to The House. This cozy two-story brownstone tucked right off Irving Street was the perfect appetizer to a weekend in Rhinebeck.

From it’s cushiony leather-bound bar stools to the exposed brick and whitewashed fireplace, its warm, calming aura made me want to move in forever. While our downstairs seating area was pretty bare for Saturday brunch, there had to be some sort of shower going on upstairs, with waves of laughter drifting down the staircase.

Jay started off with his coffee and I, a latte, courtesy of Mocha Joes. Then came the bread basket – five pairs of the cutest little baked goods I’ve ever seen in a pastry sampler. I really shouldn’t have been taking in all those carbs so early in the day, but biting into each fluffy croissant, freshly-baked role, toasty crostata was just so delicately candied that it didn’t feel like you were eating much at all.

Anyway, on to the brunch. Jay, again, had the steak and eggs. If he were into blogging, or even writing for that matter, he should really compile a guide on the steak and eggs throughout the city. And he gave this slab of New York Strip (and the dishware it came out on) a big, smiling nod of approval.

And I had the beautifully poached eggs benedict on thin layers of prosciutto and an English muffin. The lightly salted slices of translucent prosciutto worked perfectly against the subtly sweet herbed hollandaise sauce. This is one of the better benedicts I’ve had around the city. The presentation, so simple and clean, definitely added to the appeal.

The House is on my must revisit list, not just for lunch and dinner, but brunch again too. Check it out! I’ll be getting the deviled egg tasting and brioche toast next!

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