Out of Town: Bread Alone Bakery in Rhinebeck, NY

At the quaint dual intersection of Rhinebeck, New York, Jay and I found the perfect bakery and brunch spot that soaked in so much sunlight in the midst of a chilly, wintry morning that it almost seemed like Spring. We spent the long weekend in this cozy Hudson Valley town for my birthday and Valentine’s Day and loved Break Alone Bakery so much that we ended up there twice in three days.

On our first go, I had the daily special – triple stack of chestnut pancakes. Scrumptiously fluffy and warm, there were no actual chunks of chestnut in mix, but rather an element so finely pureed in the batter that the pillow-like flapjacks just emanated a nutty aroma. And with a dollop of sweet applesauce on top, this was, I think, the first time I’ve ever managed to finish off a three whole pancakes.

Jay had a meat-packed Italian sandwich – prosciutto, soppresseta and provolone with onions, roasted peppers, oil and vinegar on a toasted baguette. The colors were vibrantly bright and the taste vividly fresh. Although Jay complained that the crunchy baguette scuffed up the roof of his mouth, he still devoured the almost entire pound of meat-and-cheese perfection.

Both of these, with a glass of freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade just brought the meal full circle. The lemonade was not artificially sweet, in fact, very tangy and sour to balance the sweetness and saltiness of our respective main courses.

The following morning, after mulling over our options, we decided to go back to Bread Alone. Not because there weren’t other options in this eatery-packed village, but because there were so many other items on the menu we wanted to try. In the mood for eggs, I got the classic egg-in-a-hole, or Egg Toast as they call it, while Jay had the breakfast burrito with a side of bacon. Jay’s breakfast burrito was the big winner. Stuffed to the brim with fresh guacamole, salsa and fluffy scrambled eggs, it was like biting into a delectable, cushion-like wrap. Then of course, there was the bacon. Drained of all its grease to somehow make us feel a little less guilty, it was hardy yet tender – a perfect side to the burrito.

I so wish they’d open up a location here in the city, but will admit the whole bed-at-breakfast-like quality was part of its charm. I guess this just means more trips upstate for me!

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