CookieBar: 8 Cookies in 48 Hours

Caroline is a huge fan of Dorie Greenspan. She first told me about Dorie’s pop-up store, CookieBar, last week and we made it a point to go before they closed up shop. So last Thursday, on its second to last day of operations, we trekked through the snow to Mizu salon’s storefront stand for four full boxes of these delicious gourmet cookies.

The timing was perfect! Jay and I saved our box for our train ride up to Rhinebeck for the long weekend, savoring each bite of each of the eight cookies through a period of two days. These eight flavors were so delightfully unique, I thought I’d dedicate a short post to each cookie.

And thank you Dorie for working through the night to share these delicious creations with the world!

Chocolate Chunkers ($3.50): Hmmm! All it’s various ingredients just melt in your mouth, from the dried sour cherries to Valrhona bittersweet chocolate chunks and the salted cashews. The blend of salt, sour, and sweet come together in this chewy, chunky creation. Great for chocolate-lovers and perfect with a glass of cold milk!

Coconut Lime ($2.00): The zest of lime is to refreshingly prominent and totally complements the toasted coconut flakes sprinkled on top. The texture is mealy yet buttery to the taste. I almost want to pair it with a bottle of Corona. I’d give this the Most Unique mark!

Our Best Chocolate Chip ($1.75): A modern, inventive twist on a good old classic! This chewy chip manages to be crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. The bits of moist hand-chopped Valhrona chocolate melt evenly through the disk, giving every bit a equal amount of cocoa and cookie.

Peanut Butter Crisscrosses ($2.00): A crunchy saucer embedded with salted peanuts, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Being a big peanut butter fan, I really enjoyed the bold peanut-nutmeg blend. Chunky yet soft, this patterned chip serves as a great complement to the slightly sweeter chocolate cookies.

Sables ($2.00): They call it the class French butter-butter-butter shortbreads and it’s Jay’s favorite! It’s visually delicate, like a petri dish with sparkly sugar dusted across the top. Subtly sweet and melt-in-your-mouth, this cookie dissolves into a soft powdery cream puff from its initial perfect, ring-mold cut form.

Espresso-Chocolate Shortbreads ($2.00): It was a tough call, but I’ll go ahead and say this was my favorite! The hint of bitter coffee was definitely the focal point of this cookie. But as soon as the bitterness ensues, the chocolaty sweetness soon follows to balance the flavor. Chewy and buttery, this delicious medallion was a perfect pick-me-up.

World Peace Cookies ($2.75): Valhora cocoa on bittersweet chocolate – this chocolate on chocolate cookie could indeed enduce world peace. The fleur-de-sel counters this double sweetness with hints of saltiness that hit your taste buds at the most appropriate moments. The crackled top emulates the planet itself as its multi-sensory flavors epitomizes all the characters on it.

Sugar-Topped Molasses Spice Cookie ($1.75): This is perfect for the chilly Winter season, alongside a warm cup of cider! Again crunchy on the outside and chewy in between, the gingery spice was strong but not overpowering. The molasses was bold throughout the cookie, like a gourmet piece of gingerbread, making you wish Christmas was just around the corner.

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2 thoughts on “CookieBar: 8 Cookies in 48 Hours

  1. Thanks so much for coming to CookieBar and more thanks for this cookie-by-cookie analysis. Clearly, we’re on the same cookie page, since you got exactly what we were trying to do with each of the little sweets. Merci.

    I hope that when CookieBar returns, you will too.

  2. Hi Dorie! I’m so excited you dropped by! I will definitely be out at your next CookieBar venture. Thanks again for spending all that time in the kitchen to share your creations with us all!

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