Sweetiepie: Revisited

It’s never the same experience when you go fooding with a group of friends, and today, we had just enough to justify an order of the SweetiePiglet – six generous scoops of smooth-as-butter ice cream, marble chunks of vanilla sponge cake, chocolate sprinkes, whipped cream, and a shot of hot fudge to top it off. I was so glad to see this girly, life-size Victorian dollhouse managed to keep business up and running through the treacherous Manhattan culinary scene.

There’s nothing quite comparable to its plush pink couches and Willy Wonka feel. Maybe Alice’s Tea Cup or Serendipity. But Sweetiepie just has this swank that simply lets girls, kids, and the occasional dragged-along guy (in this case, three) indulge in pretty drinks, pretty food in pretty seats on such pretty plates.

My prior Sweetiepie post mentioned couples and a girls’ night out. The daytime scene gives off a very different vibe – toddlers dressed to the nines with headbands and ribbons, goodie bags and lollipops, and some there for afternoon tea.

So whatever the occasion, these experts on sweets won’t let you haphaze it. Go for a mocktail, all with a dash of grenadine syrup and muddled berries. Then treat yourself to cookies, cakes, or like us, their famous sundaes. While Steve and Derrick stuck with their coffees, Glor, Caroline, Jay and I managed to scrape the bottom of the pint and a half, sixteen-inch high sundae glass. And yes, it was barely 30 degrees outside, in the midst of a passing blizzard.

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