La Cocina

Encased in a conservatory-like nook with intertwining vines and Christmas lights against golden stucco walls, you’ll find an unusually traditional menu with a just a hint of Mexican influence. La Cocina is located on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 30th Street, so another step in my Gramery/Murray Hill brunch quest.

For $8.95, you can go with all-American selections like blueberry pancakes and the western omelet or something more South of the border like huevos rancheros and the breakfast burrito. And for an additional $9.00 comes one hour of unlimited mimosas, frozen margaritas, bloody marys, and screwdrivers.

Both in the mood for a little carnes, we ordered the festively colored steak and eggs with a side of rice and beans – Jay, medium and me, medium-rare. Although the tenderized beef itself was not seasoned as distinctly as those at The Smith or Atlas Cafe, it was compensated by its fall-off-the-bone texture and sheer serving size. The delicately fried eggs on top fit right into the overall taste and visual profile (although next time, I’ll have to return to my normal poached babies).

I should note, however, that Jay and I were the only ones there. Then after seeing how flat-out cheap the menu items were, I started to have my suspicions. But to my surprise, there were no gimmicks, nothing shady. A generously-portioned, finely-cooked breakfast. Just next time, we’ll be sure to bring some friends along to validate the day drinking.

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