Brooklyn Bowl, Catered by Blue Ribbon

Happy Birthday Caroline!

We spent an electrifying day outside our Manhattan box at the hipster disco alley, Brooklyn Bowl to celebrate! Despite having to wait a couple hours for two of their sixteen available lanes, the space was wonderfully conceptualized, with a full-fledged dance floor, plush leather couches, alcoholically generous bar, and best of all, an entire menu catered by the folks of Blue Ribbon. So we feasted on a variety of drinks and appetizers as hula-hoopers and entranced hipsters graced the dance floor. Retro wired light bulbs reverberated a golden touch, giving it an almost speakeasy feel, making you forget that on the outside world, it was only three in the afternoon.

But on to the food! Their fried calamari and jalapenos were boldly breaded and fried to perfection. The honey-BBQ glazed chicken wings must have been pulled from the plumpest of chickens, each bite penetrating a pudgy coat of fat and into mouthwateringly tender meat. The french pizza was also freshly baked, as melted cheese and shredded bell peppers sank into a foot-long toasted baguette. And my favorite of the night – the Rock n Roll Fries – cajun-spiced hashed fries topped with gooey gravy, provolone and cheddar.

And I have to mention the milkshakes. You can’t get any closer to drinking ice cream than this. Okay that sounded unappetizing, but it managed to maintain the frozen qualities of ice cream while somehow being effortlessly smooth. So ditch the Manhattan day drinking scene every once in a while, and bowl or not bowl, this place has more than enough space to fill and entertain you to make the trek worthwhile.

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