The Breslin

Just call it the hippest library in town! Well, one that serves probably the most coma-inducing burger in the city! From the owners of The Spotted Pig, comes an elaborate move into the Flatiron District.

The much ado about Ace Hotel’s Breslin Bar & Dining should be more about the scene than its food, though. Albeit fulfilling with heavy flavors, it’s not exactly a place you want to be seen with grease all over your fingers.

But here’s now the night went. Glor, Anny, and I met up late Thursday to grab a bite. Both the bar and Lobby Lounge were packed with people serious about being a part of all the rage, from your typical happy hour clientele to “intellectuals” on laptops. The wait, not surprisingly, was two hours long for the main dining area. As we were contemplating venturing elsewhere, the very enthusiastic Lobby Lounge hostess asked if we’d like to give their newly-extended lower level lounge a shot.

And she wasn’t lying when she said we’d be the first to step foot into this dimly-lit den. While I loved its black ink Victorian wallpaper, the rest of the space, from the bar to the lighting, still seemed pretty makeshift. But whatever prevents a two hour wait!

Glor went for the three-cheese sandwich (sans the ham). The aroma from this grilled dairy fusion complemented the visual gooey goodness.  Their bitter lemonade, made with Prosecco, Aperol, and lemon juice was one of the more refreshingly fruity bubbly-based cocktails I’ve had in a while.

Anny and I has the juicy Breslin burger with bacon and a pork patty smothered in cheese.  The buns were no more than three inches in diameter, but don’t judge until you pick this baby up. The densely-packed ground pork must have been half a pound with juice and grease seeping from every pore.  This combined with the salty bacon made it so I could barely finish the thing. So while there was a whole lot of flavor, it wasn’t unique and probably even a bit overwhelming.

So, sure, I’d go back, but maybe just for drinks or some side dishes. And hopefully in the meantime, they can transcend the stigma of overhyped, overpriced hotel restaurants and win us over with good, quality food.


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