10 Downing

It was a perfect day for a little lunch rendezvous!  Caroline and I decided to take advantage of the latest Urban Daddy perk, which picks up 50% of your tab at 10 Downing!  The sun was out (albeit the misleading sort!) and the window-filled dining room soaked it all in.

Wedged at the intersection of Downing and 6th Avenue, this cozy scene sits at the edge of the West Village, offering a spacious setting yet intimate feel.  Caroline had the pork belly risotto – a layered slice of tender pork over a bed of rich risotto.  A light buttery aroma drifted right off the plate while the roasted meat flavors nicely contrasted the creamy rice.

I also had pork – a pork shoulder sandwich.  The textures of the baguette and cut itself were soft and easy to bite into, but slightly tame in taste.  The chilled potato salad was very refreshing, though, and not overwhelmed with mayonnaise.  We also shared a bucket of shoestring fries seasoned with truffle salt. Instead of the usual pungent truffle fragrance one might expect, the flavor doesn’t hit you until you actually take a bite. Delicious!

And of coure the cherry on top – our bill chopped in half.  I love this neighborhood and the food was quite comforting. I’m actually tempted to revisit for dinner, backed by the selling point of a great location, presenting scrumptuous post-meal temptations like some gourmet gelato or coffee right down the block.


9 thoughts on “10 Downing

  1. Any good gelato or coffee recommendations in the West Village? I’ve been to a few including L’Arte Del Gelato, but I’m looking for a new place to try. Thanks!

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