Little Giant

Weekday brunches are the best.  And since Cecil and I are both on winter break, we thought we’d make the most of it and try out various midday specials.  Located on Orchard Street right off Broome, Little Giant is not your typical Lower East Side brunch spot.  If Essex is your, say….Rihanna, then this would be your Marie Digby – a less pretentious, more laid back, less commercial alternative.  From the quality of its food to the attentive service, they were effortless in their presence as a legitimate LES contender.

Cecil went for the Little Giant Burger. It was your basic cheeseburger with caramelized onions, but despite its simplicity, each and every ingredient was fresh and complemented the overall plate. The side of homemade parsnip chips was unusually refreshing for something that’s fried – light and not at all greasy.

We shared the Little Mac & Cheese, made in milky grafton cheddar topped with baked bread crumbs. While it’s hard to go wrong with mac & cheese, again, theirs was fresh with tender cavatelli pasta mixed into cheese melted to an ideal consistency where it wasn’t too heavy. 

I had the eggs on a roll, which was lucsious yet light.  The roll was soft and freshly-baked.  The eggs were extraordinarly fluffy, complemented with a bit of lightly-tossed wild greens. So again the theme here is light and simple, but not without great flavor. So if you ever find yourself waiting an hour or two for a cramped table between the bar and the bathroom at Essex, just head down a couple blocks for a more discreet and probably even better brunch experience.


2 thoughts on “Little Giant

    • Hi again Carl! Sure! I believe it’s my friend, Steve’s, special recipe. I’ll be sure to ask him for it and pass it along.

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