Out of Town: Mulligan’s in Stratton, VT

We kicked off 2010 on the slopes of Stratton, Vermont.  It was an intimate alternative to our typical New York City festivities, plus we got to get everyone under one roof! While we were there, we pretty much stuck to our annual meat and starch diet, but Stratton’s base lodge was accompanied by a quaint village-like pathway with cozy coffee shops and ski shops, which we were bound to try out. Among these was what seemed to be the heart of Stratton dining – Mulligan’s, a restaurant-pub serving all the hearty meals one would seek out after after a day of boarding.

Cecil, Jay, and I decided to dine out on our last night in town as everyone else had already headed back to the city.  Walking in, I expected Mulligan’s to be your typical mainstream suburban restaurant, like TFIG, Outback, or Red Lobster. Maybe it was the skin-numbing weather or my aching muscles, but they far surpassed our expectations.

Starting with the baked snow crab dip and lobster avacado salad, both were really tasty made with fresh veggies and seafood. The dip was especially comforting, still warm from the oven and creamy without masking any of the crab flavors. I probably should have stopped eating there, but we had our main entrees to go. 

Cecil got his medium 14-oz rib-eye and I, my medium rare sirloin.  While mine was slightly on the bland side (nothing a little A1 sauce can’t fix), the important thing is that both cuts were really tender and skillfully cooked. Cecil’s was topped with mushrooms, which added a little more flavor, but this and the side of mash potatoes and string beans I could probably have gone without.

Jay ordered a heart attack on a platter, but ohh so delicious.  His baked diver sea scallops were roasted in mayo-based seafood stuffing, topped with melted cheese, served straight from the oven. While heavy with cream, somehow the fluffly white scallops balanced it out. Definitely a great dish in such frigid weather.

But we didn’t stop there. Since it was Jay’s birthday, dessert was in order.  We got the frozen snickers pie and double fudge brownie sundae to share. There was a hint of cheesecake in the snickers pie, but the frozen peanut butter and chocolate stayed true to the candy bar. As for the brownie sundae – how can fudge and ice cream ever go wrong.

So while you may not want to make a special trip up the icy mountains for a meal at Mulligan’s, if you’re even at Stratton skiing or snowboarding, would definitely make for a nice, relaxing group feast, especially given the overpriced lodge food.


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