Bowery Bar & Grill

Skip the food and go straight to the bar – that is if you’re even willing to pay the price to feel like you’re in some sort of romantic indoor candle-lit park.  But despite its sub-par food and pricey drinks, Bbar has its upsides.  It’s definitely a great place to meet up – more convenient than Park, if you’re looking for a restaurant-slash-lounge that gives off an outdoorsy vibe; more spacious than its Nolita, Village counterparts; and a roof over your head in this chilly Winter season unlike the now-defunct Luna Park.

Jay and I made a last minute decision to go after my Wednesday night class.  As usual, they were entertaining a mostly post-happy hour corporate crowd. I think if their price points were a bit lower, they could actually attract a bigger NYU audience and capitalize on their great location.

Anyway, we started with the raw oyster bar (totally random!).  I’m usually paranoid about where you should be ordering raw oysters in New York City (Mermaid Inn, Desnuda), but it sort of just happened.  So we had a mix of East and West coasters on the half shell.  They were surprisingly sound.  For the main course, Jay had a turkey burger, as plain as you can get it.  I got the fish tacos, which were on the bland side, but reparable with a dash of habanero sauce.  But in general, due to how uninspiring the entrees are and the plethora of options in the area, leave it to drinks while you’re here.


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