Rocky’s Pizza

No, I’m not blogging just to blog.  Sure, it may not seem like it, but yes, this is legit pizza.

Gloria first introduced me to Rocky’s  Pizza on 33rd Street and 2nd Avenue, right in between our apartments.  On the outset, this place looks just like another pizza deli – you know the thousands across Manhattan that display pre-made pies and reheat slices upon order in some brick-lined conventional oven behind the counter.  And while Rocky’s might take a similar approach, it’s end product is not only fresher, but really tasty as well.

You’ll find some pretty unique toppings, like heaps of romaine lettuce and one of their best, penne a la vodka.  Of course the traditional route is great as well – most notably spicy sausage and roasted peppers.

So as you walk in (and leave any preconceived notions at the door), look past the pizza and you’ll see the a quaint den-like seating area in the back.  The space, lined in exposed-brick, is lit by cute little chandelier-like overhanging lights.  And for further reassurance, you can watch the pizzas being made fresh on a small counter behind the register.  The dough is tossed here, without any fanfare, as each time I visited, these guys were busy fulfilling orders.

You might be thinking it’s hard to find truly bad-tasting pizza – after all it’s usually our go-to drunk food and inevitably always tastes delicious. But if your adventures ever bring you to the East Side at the end of the night, give this a shot and you’ll be craving this even when you’re sober like I have been these past couple of weeks (ahhhh!).


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