Banc Cafe

In my quest for better Murray Hill / Gramercy Park brunch spots, Jay and I ventured into Banc Cafe despite its generic, bar-like feel on the exterior.  And that’s exactly what it was.

BIG was the name of the game here – big tables, big chairs, big mugs, big food.  It lacked a certain refinement, although I didn’t expect it walking in.  As its name  would suggest, the interior is vault-like, with bulky copper-plated tabletops and oversized leather-bound seats.  The coffee came in big, rotund porcelain mugs and the food, for the lack of a better term, was in itself…big.  It’s just too bad that big doesn’t necessarily mean bold flavors.

I, again, had the poached eggs – this time with lox.  This smoked salmon was overly salted to the point where you could barely taste the hollandaise.  And if you’re going to consume over 20 calories per tablespoon, you should at least be able to taste it.  Jay got his “healthy” omelette, which was jam-packed with veggies.  But as with both our home fries and salads, it was pretty bland.

A redeeming factor was its quick and friendly service and, considering it was noon on Sunday, the T.V. screens were a friendly addition in keeping both of us up to date on any potential last-time roster changes for Fantasy Football.  So despite the lackluster brunch, we may have actually uncovered a nice sports bar.


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