DBGB Kitchen & Bar

Maybe we just weren’t in the mood for American-meet-French-style brunch, but I dragged Jay to Daniel Boulud’s DBGB Kitchen & Bar this morning and walked away pretty unsatisfied. There was a very see-and-be-seen aura – everyone dressed to fit the East Village bill and three of the four parties around us were taking photos left and right (I guess myself included, although I promise it was just my iPhone!).

But this isn’t to say I didn’t appreciate it’s stylish decor. It’s called kitchen and bar for a reason – the front third of the restaurant part of a loungy, bar scene and the back part of the shop wrapped within the bustling kitchen.  Aside from one wall consisting of booth enclaves, if you’re seated in DBGB’ s “kitchen” division, prepared entrees come straight through the window slots to the seating area. It’s actually a pretty chic concept.

My problem is that the actual food experience sort of invalidated such a “trendy” setting.

Poor jay ordered the DBGB Dog, with the added side of eggs, costing an extra $6!! The dog itself is just like any you’ll find at a ballgame, except some greens and mayo-based dressing on top. He wasn’t too pleased.  I had the Cochon in the Blanket – chipolata sausage and scrambled eggs wrapped in a pan fried crepe.  And I hate to say this because I’m really a fan of Mr. Boulud, but it reminded me of airplane eggs.  I’m talking about the scrambled eggs served on international flights that come in the little tins.  They’re not rubbery per se, but give off a slightly nauseating grease emission.  So this, plus the gruyere cheese melted over top was just too much.

One huge redeeming factor, however, was their Tahiti Fancy Lemonade! Freshly squeezed lemon and pineapple, with a touch of mango, it was really refreshing and perfect for a booze-free brunch session.  In fact, I’m craving one right now!

Anyway, I might go back with friends (since Jay would probably never step foot through those doors again), because  two disappointing brunch entrees can’t be representative of Boulud’s attempt at casual dining!


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