David Burke’s In the Box

Ironically, the concept behind David Burke’s Bloomingdale’s cafe tries so hard to be outside of the box that its name seems to be a mockery of itself.  For anyone willing to succumb to overpriced meals linked to the renowned department store, stick to the indoor restaurants, instead of this street-side diner.

I dropped by with a friend after picking up Jay’s shoes at Bloomie’s friends and family sale.  We were both in a hurry so opted to give this mod-styled quasi-diner a try.  Typical to Burke, the seating area emitted a funky, creative vibe through its decor, leading patrons to expect something similar in its entrees (especially if you’re familiar with David Burke and Donatella’s menu – cheesecake lollipop tree!).  But walk pass the dining area and on to the take-out zone, and it suddenly turns into a dingy corner deli, where you’d pick up your post-drinking bacon, egg, and cheese.

There was a bizarre contrast between this setting and the fancy plates trafficking across the open kitchen counter.  We saw delicately tossed bleu cheese salads, elegantly presented grilled salmon, and creatively concocted asiago truffle fries.  And while the aroma was undoubtedly mouthwatering (especially those truffle fries!), the setting was a stark, sensory-slaying contrast.

So I got the trio of Cheeseburker Sliders, which came highly recommended by the man taking orders.  And I’m sad to say, I think I should end this entry here, because there’s not much I can say.  The fries were sub-par, bland and dry.  The sliders were cute, but nothing special – even a little on the tough side, given I ordered it medium rare.  I guess my point is – stick to the other restaurants in the area.  Even if you’re in a rush, I’d say the McDonald’s a few blocks south is more worthwhile.


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