Bia Garden

So despite running the risk of sounding like a “foodiot” (please see “Food For Thought” for details), I’ll tell you we started the night off at Olive Garden.  Jay had a random craving for the unlimited salad bowl and breadsticks, so the guys and I just succumbed and went back for a taste of suburbia (minus the price on the menu).

But we ended the night on a much less commercial note, at Bia, the latest in city beer gardens.  Think an easternized La Esquina meets Paradou.  Courtesy of Michael Bao, owner of the previously-blogged Baoguette and PhoSure, the store front is not unlike his other shops.  But for passage to the beer garden, much like La Esquina, one must wait before the steel-metal-latched door then pass through the kitchen and a beer bottle-lined walkway before entering the open garden in the back.

On the menu is a list of a dozen or so Vietnamese beers and small plates.  Beers are ordered by six packs, but returnable if unfinished.  While we experienced the late-night version, Bia Garden has received recent press surrounding its unlimited beer brunch special.  It’s probably not ideal for someone looking for a full-fledged dinner, but a great compromise for a group with a flair for Oriental beers, looking for a relaxing drinking venue and a little snack on the side.


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