OH! Taisho

So I used to live on St. Marks and had the privilege of trying almost every restaurant on the block, even in the midst of all the rapid turnover.  And Oh! Taisho has proven is resilience.  Nestled between the racks of neon wigs and retro sunglasses, this little wooden shop is a successful transplant from suburban Japan.  Its authenticity is palpable, even if you’ve never been to Japan. 

The menu is jam-packed with small eats, but don’t stray away from the yakitori. There’s a massive Party Package for $38 that’s appropriate for a party of 4 to 6. But they also offer A, B, and C packages for 2.  You’ll find the traditional meats on a stick like pork, chicken, and beef, but definitely give the more exotic shishkabobs and shot.  Bacon lover? Try bacon-wrapped chicken, bacon-wrapped pork.  Vegetarian? The grilled scallions and garlic are better than you’d expect.  Adventurous taste buds? Get the chicken gizzard or liver.  But the sauce its the key. It even makes the cabbage which is really there as a garnish, taste great!

Whatever your preference, you’ll get a little taste of Japan here.  And I don’t know how they do it, but they even manage to make the name of a restaurant sound cute.


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