School’s been overwhelming, but I finally got to catch up with some friends over Marfa’s Wednesday dinner special – $10 all-you-can-eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes and $3 PBRs. Wedged between a series of East Village hookah bars, this inconspicuous little eatery has the facade of a roadside canteen, but the unexpected interior of a rustic saloon.

It’s been a couple hours since our five platters of deep-fried chicken, and I’m still feeling the grease and trying to make sense of the place.  In its ambivalence, the stucco walls encased its refined wooden decor; the raucous soundtrack pervaded its gently-lit space; its almost mundane front house shielded stairs that lead to a mysterious back bar and neighboring drag cabaret – Lucky Cheng’s.

All in all, I’m still a little confused, but let’s get to the important stuff – Marfa’s food.  They’re running an “art recession special,” with unlimited $9 wings, $12 ribs, $15 bbq shrimp on Mondays, $4 Mexican appetizers on Tuesdays, and the aforementioned fried chicken Wednesdays.

The chicken was pretty flavorful, each plate coming out freshly fried (oxymoron?).  The mashed potatoes can easily be replicated at home, although I was a fan of its chopped green onions on top.  While it’s definitely nothing exceptional, I’d say the overall experience was peculiar, but unique.  Go on a day you’re not feeling very health-conscious and just want to kick back and let your hunger take over.  But a word of caution, the oil-drenched wings, legs, and thighs will be a heavy- even the guys were halted after 4 to 5 pieces (okay, except Kevin).

Again, I’m not quite sure what to recommend.  I’m tempted to go back and check out its other specials, but not before I work all that grease out of my system.


One thought on “Marfa

  1. i think a better idea would be friend chicken. before serving up your chicken custom cooked to how you like it, they bring it out alive so you can play with it first and get to know it on a personal level. then when you eat it, your friend chicken becomes a part of you forever.

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