Get it? Clever right? Okay, fine, borderline tacky, but don’t let the name fool you. The food here is serious, seriously filling and jammed-packed with flavor. PhoSure is a spin-off of Baoguette (see September post) on Christopher Street, off Bedford.  In addition to the Baoguette menu, there’s a whole separate set of entrees and appetizers to choose from.

Jay stuck with a Baoguette sandwich – pork chop and fried eggs.  The more experiened Caroline and Derrick ordered noodle soup and chicken sticky rice.  And being the glut that I am, I ordered the B’un Steak – medium rare sliced steak over a bed of vermicelli noodles.  This was after an order of the pork chop sandwich…

Anyway, as I mentioned before, the setting across all three Baoguette locations are vastly different. This West Village shop is even homier than the St. Marks store, with wood table seating, sienna tapestry and dim lighting to set the mood.  The sandwich was consistent with my experience at both other Baoguettes, but let me tell you, the steak over noodles was the best part.  For me, it’s medium rare and no other way, so the B’un Steak totally fit the bill.  Sprinkled peanut crumbs and thinnly sliced cucumbers on the side rounded it out. 

If you live by rice over noodles, Derrick’s chicken sticky rice was amazing as well. It’s the traditional Asia-style rice that is, as the title would suggest, sticky.  It’s flavored with tender marinated chicken and pork sausage. The sausages alone might be on the salty side, but just pair it with the mound of sticky rice and you’ll be good to go.


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