If you’re ever in the mood for a laid back Mexican dinner, you can find a quick and satifisfying meal at Vamos on 1st Avenue, between 20th and 21st Streets. Jay and I randomly dropped by (no need for a reservation) and found the dimly lit, almost loungy-like atmosphere surprisingly tranquil and food unexpected light .

There are a dozen or so margaritas mixes, notably the blood orange, mango, and my recommendation – the yackito. Whether you get it on the rocks or blended, these cocktails are not over-saturated with sugar, like most other sensory overload Mexican places.

As for meals, I got the three baja-style fish tacos, and Jay the chicken enchiladas. The plate presentation was unususally thoughtful, again, for a Mexican restaurant.  Both came with your typical rice and beans, but delightfully without cheese teeming over the plates.

Yeah it ended up being a little pricey (our bill came out to $65.00 after tip), but if you’re around Gramercy or Murray Hill, this place can serve as a convenient off-the-cuff decision that’ll be sure to satisfy anyone that’s simply hungry.


One thought on “Vamos!

  1. haha def will keep this one in mind. i love mexican, but there aren’t a lot of great mexican in the city other than rosa mexica and mama mexico:) Thanks for the rec!

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