Atlas Cafe

Forget for a second the latest Nolita brunch spots, the trendy Urbandaddy openings. Here’s a true neighborhood gem. Located on 2nd Avenue, between 4th and 5th Streets, Atlas Cafe’s walls are chock-full of options, from traditional All-American breakfasts to Mediterranean/Middle Eastern entrees.

When I lived on Houston and Elizabeth last year, I pretty much visited Atlas every Sunday. Now that I’m up on 27th Street, I still take the bus down for what I consider the finest plate of smoked salmon poached eggs on the east side.

At $5.95, its poached eggs always come out with perfect consistency (I like them moderatly runny). Jay religiously goes for the steak and eggs. For $6.95, it’s a huge slice of steak for a midday meal.

If you’re in the mood for lunch, I recommend the Moroccan Chicken Crepe. And as a vegan-friendly spot, their soy coffees/lattes/cappuccinos are a soothing alternative to Starbucks. And on the side, the cupcakes, sweet crepes, and smoothies are hard to resist.


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