Out of Town: N.O.W. at the Borgata, Atlantic City

So as Jay always says – Never pay for food in AC. So after the guys lost a couple grand at the blackjack tables, we all got comped at the Borgata Buffet. But to prevent everyone from eating themselves into oblivion, we headed for the casino’s noodle shop, Noodles of the World (NOW). 

It’s by no means authetic Asian cuisine. Nor is it even quality Americanized Chinese food, but it tastes good knowing you don’t have to take any more cash out of your pockets. Or in my case, benefiting off the guys’ loss =) But if you frequent AC, you already know the Borgata is in a level of its own. And if fine dining at Old Homestead or Bobby Flay Steak is no longer in the picture…NOW offers a nice alternative to the buffet.  Just be prepared to wait for those without blackcards.

And a little BONUS – The guys’ blackjack table was situated a couple yards away from Wolfgang Puck’s American Grill. He happened to be there that day for his cookbook signing =)


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