Now these are real $5 footlongs.  Freshly baked baguettes stuffed with your choice of pork terine, spicy curry beef, bbq chicken, or spicy catfish (also a vegetarian option), the gourmet sandwiches at this Vietnamese shop offer an Asian flare to your traditional hero and trumps any generic footlong you can find at Subway.

I’ve only been to two of its three locations – Murray Hill and St. Marks – but they are rapidly expanding with stores opening soon on Wall Street, the LSE, and Midtown East.

Their St. Marks location offers a fuller experience – more seating with sit-down service along with a more extensive menu.  But stick to the sandwiches.  Their shrimp papaya salad and grilled corn might be nice, light starters, but a single baoguette is already a challenge to finish.


One thought on “Baoguette

  1. Yummmmmmie! A friend and I had the pork terine and bbq chicken sandwiches and they were amazing. I am craving one right now…

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