Chicken & Rice

Instantaneous eater’s remorse.  Despite the rain, Chris and I just had a mixed platter of lamb and chicken over rice, with a load of white and dash of red.

On the corner of 53rd Street and 6th Ave sits the famous chicken and rice cart.  This was one of the best street vendor discoveries during my college years, and still thrives to this day on its drunken clientele.  I intended to limit myself to eating this once a month and only under extreme intoxication, but as a grad student on the run with a tighter budget, this is too quick and easy to overlook.

It’s undeniably delicious for any  non-vegetarian.  But be wary of the immediate consequences – overpowering food comatose.  So now I’m on the bus with a cup of caffeine that I really can’t fit in my stomach, trying to stay awake.  But I’ll probably be back this weekend.

FYI – below are examples of how it should be done (left) and what to avoid (right)


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