One of the cutest dessert bars I’ve ever been to!  The decor just gets you in the mood for ice cream and sweets, sort of a Victorian-styled Willa Wonka factory. Mirrors lined the walls and ceiling with a series of pink leather pin-cushion booths opposite the bar.

Jay and I went to celebrate my last day at Citi. There was a couple that waited about half an hour in order to sit in the birdcage seat at the front of the shop. At the end of the booth was a group of girls celebrating a birthday – a very appropriate venue for a bunch of girls.

While they do have a full-fledged menu, I didn’t see much, if any, of that on the tables. The main attraction is by far their dessert section. I ordered the Banana Split. Jay had a milkshake. But we were lucky enough to witness the Sweetiepig come out from the kitchen, ordered for the birthday girl. It contained mounds and mounds of all flavors of their ice cream selections of the day.

Definitely recommended for a girls’ night out or a quick romantic snack with your significant other =)


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