Paradou has gotten a lot of press surrounding its drunk-brunch specials. The food is by no means special and their unlimited champagne actually hangover-enducing, but the overall feel to the back garden is a great place to spend time with friends on a nice Summer Sunday.

They were super busy the day we went. The back garden was booked full with large parties, including a baby shower. So just be sure to ask a couple times to make sure the champagne keeps on coming.

You’ll see that I ALWAYS order variations of egg benedicts for brunch =) It was slightly rubbery here. And while they are cheaper than Merkato 55 with more champagne flavors to choose from, you can tell the cheap bubbly is diluted with a lot of artificial juice.


3 thoughts on “Paradou

  1. haha cecil made the same mistake as me “in climate”. also you need the diluted bubbly otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get the most bang for your buck!

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